Aroma by Aromatize Flower Electric Wax Melt Burner


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Aromatize Electric Melt Warmer Flower Design

No need to use tea lights with the Aroma Accessories Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Burner. It is supplied and fitted with a UK 230v 3 pin plug and has an on/off switch.

The replaceable bulb is a small candle shape 25w screw in style. The Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Burner is 12.5 cm high, and will look great in any room and are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite scents and fragrances at home.

This beautifully crafted burner has a great design and will glow with warm candle light through the cut out motifs. You can be as creative as you like using wax melt tarts to get the perfect fragrance for any room in your house. You can even mix and combine fragrances to come up with your very own!

The stylish classic design of the burner will make sure that the wax will be heated evenly, enabling it to release a very rich and balanced fragrance.

Place a segment of your chosen wax melt onto the top of the Ceramic burner. Then simply switch on, and enjoy your fragrance!


Aroma by Aromatize

Aroma is Aromatize's own brand of candle accessories is one of the most extensive in the UK. We currently stock a range of their wax melt burners and electric wax melt burners if you refer fragrance without flame, to complement the wax melts of some of our popular brands


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